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Data Strong – Speaking of the Core Four

Data Driven Decisions - Frequent Data collection informs instructional decisions and groupings.

Of the Personalized Learning Core Four discussed in the last post, KPBSD has many strengths! One area that practices are particularly strong in is Data Driven Decisions. From the highest levels of the KPBSD machine to the small group specialized work with students, we are monitoring and utilizing data to drive our work.

Data Driven Decisions, as explained in Considering the Core Four, simply means that we frequently collect data to inform instructional decisions and student groupings. It also means that we use data purposefully, both at the student and teacher level, that we use formative (as you go) assessments to inform our decisions, and that we are developing a culture of openness toward use of data and feedback.

From a district level, one example of this is using progress monitoring assessment data to keep track of student growth. This data is usually more meta in scope – districtwide and occurring throughout the school year.  We use this information to guide the choices that are made regarding both district and school improvement. Such data is crucial in helping the district to identify trends and needs, then helping guide decisions in allocating support, materials and resources.

For the school level, this means meeting the needs of students through data use. The data here is usually specific to the school or a specific group within a school. School staff monitor how their school is demonstrating learning and use data to make intervention or support plans. Teachers and specialists use the afore mentioned progress monitoring to group students based on their needs, and even further alter their instruction for the student by frequently reviewing the data and letting it inform them of student needs. This allows for closing gaps in student learning efficiently.

For the student level, this means that students themselves are learning how to review the results of the assessments that they take to see how they are progressing in their own learning goals. The data here is specific to the student as an individual and students are beginning to diagnose for themselves what they need to move forward. This is the most pure form of driving learning… Student Driven.

Welcome to a new year and PL in KPBSD

August 9, 2017

Dear KPBSD families,

Welcome to a new school year in the KPBSD! Our district is very excited to have all of our students, staff, and parents back in school. We are committed to meeting the needs of every individual student every day. This is an integral part of our overall philosophy of strong, positive relationships and providing a high quality educational experience for all of our students.

As the year begins, I ask you to think about how your child would answer this question,

“Where do you want your learning to take you and how can KPBSD help you get there?”

We want to directly connect your child to rigorous learning that is relevant and an excellent preparation for life, college, and the careers they will encounter after high school. The deliberate integration of personalized learning (PL) into every classroom in the school district over the next three years will accomplish this KPBSD goal. Personalized Learning in KPBSD empowers every student to reach their lifelong learning potential.

I recognize that you may have questions concerning personalized learning and what this will entail for your child or children. Please contact your school principal directly with your questions. Additionally, if you have questions, or want to learn more, please visit the KPBSD Personalized Learning Blog, and check out the FAQs. There’s also a link on the KPBSD homepage, and more information at the end of this letter.

We invite parents and community members to join us by volunteering in the schools and becoming involved in partnerships to support students. In order to be successful, schools need the help of parents and community members. It is also critical for our youth to know that their parents, guardians, relatives, and friends are supportive of their schooling process. A child without this support may at times feel at a loss to find the necessary focus to excel at his or her studies.

I hope to see you in the coming months and wish you a great start to this school year. We look forward to another outstanding year!


Sean Dusek, Superintendent

PL Core Four graphic 2017

Click to Learn more about PL, or read on:

Personalized Learning in KPBSD
Personalized learning shifts from a one-size-fits-all factory model of education to better prepare students for the jobs and needs of their future. The design of instruction and the classroom allow educators to respond to the individual needs of students instead of expecting students to fit the current mold or adapt to unsuccessful learning structures. PL does not replace teachers with computers. Many of our teachers implement elements of PL in their classrooms right now, and we will now build on this foundation to create an even better learning environment. Key elements your child will experience include:

  • Teachers offer flexible content and tools, which allow for  differentiated path, pace, and performance tasks based on individual student needs
  • Teachers use targeted instruction based on specific student needs and learning goals
  • Teachers use current and relevant data to help inform instructional decisions and groupings
  • Students engage in ongoing self-reflection that promotes ownership of their learning

When will PL formally start in KPBSD schools?

Every KPBSD school is doing some degree of work with personalized learning. However, the formal work of individual schools and teachers working directly toward personalized learning will be rolled out in three “waves” over the next year.


  • Wave 1 schools began their work in spring 2017, and will continue in the fall of 2017.
  • Wave 2 schools will begin their formal work with Education Elements in the fall of 2017.
  • Wave 3 schools will begin their formal work with Education Elements in the spring of 2018.

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