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What is PL… with Skyview Middle School teachers


What is #PL… with Kersten Gomez, Redoubt Elementary


What is #PL… with Meredith McCullough, KCHS



Personalized Learning in KPBSD


What is personalized learning? #PL #empowers #KPBSD

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Who is on the District’s Personalized Learning Council (PL Council)?


The District’s PL Council is comprised of educators across the district, representing a variety of grade levels,  geographic areas, and academic content areas.  The  PL Council’s objective is to help guide the district-level decisions and direction for what personalized learning looks like in KPBSD.


School District Representation:

  • Sean Dusek–Superintendent
  • John O’Brien–Assistant Superintendent of Instruction
  • Eric Soderquist–Director of Information Services
  • John Pothast–Director of Elementary & Secondary Education

District Specialists Representation:

  • Darci Drury–Professional Development/Instructional Coach
  • Melissa Linton–Curriculum Coordinator

Teacher Representation:

  • Kersten Gomez–Redoubt Elementary School
  • Jen Booz–Homer Middle School
  • Meredith McCullough–Kenai Central High School
  • Kim Leslie–Distance Education

Principal Representation:

  • Doug Hayman–Tustumena Elementary, Hope, and Cooper Landing Schools
  • Sarge Truesdell–Skyview Middle School
  • Trevan Walker–Seward High School


Who is Education Elements and what do they do?


Who is Education Elements and what do they do?


Education Elements (EE) helps school districts throughout the United States develop the tools teachers need, then works directly with teachers in schools to develop plans to leverage those tools to meet the needs of all students, regardless of ability levels.

Education Elements is not a program—it is a paradigm shift of redefining teaching and learning

Education Elements works with districts and teachers to help us do exactly what good teachers know need to be done

From a KPBSD conversation with a Yuma, Arizona superintendent: “They are very responsive & customized. They really synthesized our conversations and used them to help guide our schools and district.” And, “They are great problem solvers. They don’t endorse any particular product or company, but have all the information we needed to help us evaluate the options and make choices that fit our needs.”

PL Core Four Graphic

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