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 Personalized Learning

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  1. What is Personalized Learning?
  2. Is Personalized Learning the next fad in education or “one more thing”?
  3. Will teachers be able to truly apply a Personalized Learning approach to all students in a classroom?
  4. Will we eliminate teachers and put kids on computers to do all of their work?
  5. This seems like a lot of work, and for what purpose: Why do we need to change and innovate?
  6. My students are learning, and my classroom is great. Why do I have to “do” this?
  7. Who is Education Elements and what do they do?
  8. Do we really need Education Elements? Can’t we just do this ourselves?
  9. How exactly will Education Elements help me in my classroom?
  10. I’m a teacher, will I have powerful tools and strategies to help me differentiate instruction and personalize learning for each student?