Will teachers be able to truly apply a Personalized Learning approach to all students in a classroom? Won’t that be too much work for the teacher to manage?


Personalized learning has been around for decades, but the challenge has always been limited time and resources. Teachers often found it hard to manage because of the time it took to plan different lessons and find different activities and resources for each of the different needs of students. With a class of 25 students, how does a teacher find the time and resources to meaningfully meet the individual needs of students with such great diversity in every classroom?

The modern concept of personalized learning leverages technology tools, classroom organization, student ownership, and redefines the terms teaching and learning to help teachers truly meet the individual needs of students in their classrooms. Through this process, we create new classroom environments that allow students to do some work at their own pace, path and place, and some work directly with small group instruction from the teacher, which allows teachers to better focus instruction and target student needs.

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